Join Debbie and her balloons for a show that is packed with games, incredible balloon costumes, magic, cool music and lots of wide smiles.  Watch Debbie as she transforms a few volunteers into balloon butterflies, angels, monkeys, spiders, the selection is endless. 

The best part is when everyone learns how to make their very own balloon dog and may take it home to love  – it is not a quiet experience, it is a great one.  They will be waving balloons in the air, screaming and laughing.

This performance is taught with enthusiasm, high energy and will have everyone wondering what will happen next.

   This option is the most common style for balloon artists. This is where we simply line ‘em up and start twisting! A perfect choice if your looking to paint your crowd in a whole spectrum of eye catching colours. 

    But we do more than create elaborate balloons, because we pride ourselves on keeping every crowd entertained! After all, anyone can hand out a balloon, but with us it’s not just the balloon we offer, it’s the experience. 


    Imagine a group of children learning the art of balloon twisting through a colourful step by step process. Imagine excited screams and laughter as a whole crowd of children wave their balloons in the air.  It’s not a quiet experience –it’s a great one.  Have wave after wave of children learn a new art form with tons of enthusiasm and fun!

$ 175 / per Hour  for one Balloon Artist

            (Min. 2 hours) *plus HST & Travel

High Impact
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$ 150 / per Hour  for one Balloon Artist

            (Min. 2 hours) *plus HST & Travel

$ 250 / for One Show (1 hour)

                  *plus HST & Travel

$ 175 / per Hour  for one Balloon Artist

            (Min. 2 hours) *plus HST & Travel

    A fast paced, high energy, crowd-catching performance! Watch as crowds gather and grow as we transform them one by one, covering them in countless kinds of dazzling balloon creations right before their eyes! 

    This highly interactive show is recommended for large crowds at events such as festivals, malls, trade shows and grand openings. Have one of us cover your whole gathering by letting us roam this circle show throughout your event every 20 minutes!